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Asbestos Exposure and Related Illnesses

Asbestos is a fire-retardant mineral used primarily as a building material. It was especially popular during the 20th century as a material used in shipbuilding, commercial and residential insulation, commercial and residential tiles, pipes, and breaker panels. Asbestos was popular because it was inexpensive and fire-resistant. It was used in numerous plants, shipyards, and other […]

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asbestos in old building

Asbestos Remaining In Older Buildings

Since the 1980s most of the construction industry halted the use of asbestos because medical researchers had confirmed a direct link between inhalation of this material and a number of health conditions, especially lung cancer and mesothelioma. Much of the asbestos installed in structures has been removed, but asbestos remains in many ceiling tiles, wall panels, on […]

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Rosenmund Vacuum Pan Dryer

Heat Exchangers – What You Need to Know

A heat exchanger is a form of equipment that was designed to allow heat to be efficiently transferred from one medium into another one. The equipment transfers either cold or heat from one fluid to another with the goal of cooling the process or heating it, or condensing vapors during the process. It is because […]

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young architect portrait

10 Common Injuries Suffered on Construction Worksites

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guarantees a safe workplace, especially for high-risk occupations, like construction. No matter how many regulations and inspections there may be, a workplace is only as safe as the construction workers and their employers. Carelessness, substance abuse or horsing around can lead to injury, as […]

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Safety Construction

Safety Construction Outsourcing for Construction Safety Programs

When we see the variety of injuries that take place in the work place these days, we realize that protection in the work place is a crucial matter. You wil find that almost all injuries can be prevented by going through a few prevention actions and having the employees operating in the dangerous parts of […]

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Pros & Cons Working the Night Shift

Night jobs also known as graveyard shifts are among the most difficult jobs. They pay handsomely and offer incentives. This is because a majority of employers are aware that night jobs are completely different from day jobs. Thus night jobs are well remunerated relative to day jobs. 1) Night jobs offer a good pay. As […]

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Broken Hill mining

Hazards of lead poisoning during mining

Scientific inventions have helped humanity and thus it’s after effects has dragged same human into the valley of death. Death rate is quite higher than any other type of deaths. There are no logical measures that can be taken for human health. When people work in mines or chemical industries they have to face several […]

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How To Safely Remove Asbestos

Watch this video to find out how to safely remove asbestos.

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Working with asbestos: safety tips

Asbestos materials are very dangerous and caution must be taken when there is exposure. Asbestos is known to cause various complications like cancer which is fatal and even expensive to treat. Because of the effects caused by asbestos, it is mandatory that people take extreme cautions and stay safe. The simplest method and technique to […]

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Safety Awareness in the Workplace – Understanding Safety Awareness

Watch this video on the safety awareness in the workplace.

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